Notte di Fiaba : ALADINO E LA LAMPADA MAGICA (Aladdin’s Magic Lamp Illustration Exhibition)

My illustration you saw above is named “Your wish is my command!” and it was the part of the remarkable exhibition and festival in Garda last year. After exhibited at MAG(Museo Alto Garda), the exhibition was exhibited at Centro Arte Contemporania Cavalese. Here are some photos from Notte de Fiaba Illustration Contest and Centro d’arte contemporanea Cavalese Facebook Page:





And you can visit Notte di Fiaba Riva del Garda Flickr to see how amazing the festival was.



Notte di Fiaba

Notte di Fiaba is a not-to-be-missed event which is held in Riva del Garda at the end of the summer. It dedicates an entertaining program to a different fairy tale each year.

Music, dancing, games, actors and jugglers enliven the streets of this town nestling in its magical setting composed of lively scenes and the Lake Garda. Although it is primarily intended for children, Notte di Fiaba has always entertained adults too.

85,000 visitors, 160 hours of entertainment and 2,500 kg of fireworks are only some of the figures generated by one of the most important events held in the Garda area of the province of Trento. It has been handed down through the generations since 1950 and in volves the entire community, tourists and also passing by people who simple stop by to enjoy the fireworks grand finale reflecting into the still waters of the lake.

Aladdin’s Magic Lamp was the theme of last year’s Notte di Fiaba International Illustration contest.

Conceived and organized in collaboration with prominent representatives of the world of children’s literature and illustration, the contest gave birth to an illustration exhibition – hosted at MAG(Museo Alto Garda in Riva del Garda begining on July 23,2016, the related catalogue and a picturebook illustrated by the contest winner and published by Orecchio Acerbo.

[text from Notte di Fiaba]




The work of 43 illustrators have been selected. More than 60 illustrations were exhibited at Museo Alto Grada.

The illustrations related to Davide Calì’s text, Aladdin’s Magic Lamp.

PAGE 1 – Prologue

Once upon a time there was a man who was looking for a gift for Mother’s Day. The man stopped in front of a stand full of junk.
The shop keeper noticed that the man was looking at an old oil lamp.
“Take it, it’s cheap!” said the shop keeper.

“But I must warn you, that it is …”


The man bought the lamp, convinced that the shop keeper was joking.
But you know how it goes when one is told that a lamp is magical. They suddenly feel like rubbing it as in fairy tale, just to be sure that nothing happens. And so the man did.
But something happened, though.
Some smoke came out from the lamp.
“Good morning, master,” the smoke said. “I am the genie of the lamp and I’ll fulfill three of your wishes. What’s your first wish?”
“My first wish? I want to become filthy rich!” the man said.
“Well,” the genie said. “Your wish is my command!”


So it happened that the man ended up with his garden full of poop. A massive pile of poop.

“Hey, what’s going on here? Is it a joke?” the man asked – annoyed.
“You asked me to become rich, but you can be rich in many things.
Books or talent, for instance. Since you’ve specified filthy rich, I thought that a lot of poop could adequately satisfy your request.” was the genie’s answer.
“But – when I said filthy – I simply meant very rich.”
“I’m really sorry,” said the genie, “but you haven’t made yourself clear.”
“Right then, I want to become super rich and possess a unique and wonderful wealth, but nothing smelly or brown.”
“Well,” said the genie. Is this is your second wish? “
“Yes,” the man replied.

“And so it shall be done.”


PAGE 10/11

So the man ended up possessing the biggest pink diamond in the world.

PAGES 12/13
The following day, the diamond was stolen, though. The thief left him a note with his signature

The Ferret
famous jewelry thief

“You are a cheater!” the man blamed the genie.
“Me? Why?”
“Because I asked you to make me become rich and have something unique. Even if you satisfied my wishes, then I was robbed and I am no longer rich now.
I meant to stay rich forever!”
“I’m really sorry,” said the genie, “but you haven’t made yourself clear.”
As for the theft, these things happen when you become rich.
Next time you have to be more careful.”

PAGES 14/15
The man took some time to reflect. He still had a chance to become rich,
but what to ask?

No jewels, because they could be stolen.
No money either, because the bank could fail.
Not an oil well, because the oil can run out.
A gold mine was out of discussion because even gold can finish.

Maybe he could ask for a huge castle but no
because an earthquake could always bring it down.
So what? What?

PAGES 16/17
All of a sudden he had an idea.
“Become famous. Here’s what I’ll ask for!”

It would be foolish to ask for anything that can run out, or simply be broken or stolen.
If I became famous, I will build wealth from my celebrity.

And even if I steal the money or my house will collapse.
I can always earn more money and be rich forever.

PAGES 18/19
“So, have you decided what your third wish will be?
the genie asked him.
“Yes, I’ve decided,”
the man replied.

“I want to be famous.
I want people to recognize me when I walk down the street
and my face to be seen everywhere.”

Okay, your wish is my command!” the genie said.

PAGES 20/21

And so the man became famous.
People recognized him as he walked down the street and his face was everywhere.
Not exactly the way he had imagined, though.

PAGES 22/23
For some reason everybody was convinced that he was THE FERRET,
the famous jewelry thief.


The man is making a call from prison.
On the other side of the receiver a voice says:

“You even forgot Mother’s Day!”



My first Storyboard



Nothing in my first two rough sketches were similar to the finished storyboard that I sent to the members of a jury. It were completely different interpretations.



My second interpretation :


There was no magic. Genie(ferret) and his partner(bird) were thief. The smoke was just came from the bird’s pipe. They tricked this silly and greedy man who looked like colorful lion!

“Good morning, master,” the smoke said. “I am the genie of the lamp and I’ll fulfill three of your wishes. What’s your first wish?”


Your wish is my command!

*** : ) ***