A tavola / Around the Table


I have great news to tell you! My illustrations have been selected to exhibit at A Tavola (Around the table) exhibition, Museo Diocesano di Padova, Italy. The Inauguration took place on 19th February 2016. I did not attend the ceremony, however, when I saw the photos posted by “A tavola. Ottava rassegna internazionale di illustrazione” facebook page it looked fantastic!

This is the 8th edition of the “I COLORI DEL SACRO” or in English “THE COLOURS OF THE SACRED” which take place every two years in Padua.

The Colours of the Sacred has become one of the most awaited events in Padua – and not only in Padua. Illustration and art lovers, young people, regular visitors of our museum, tourists, school kids and students have shown their appreciation for it.

The Colours of the Sacred was conceived as a touring exhibition, spreading its credo in many places. Like its previous editions, the 8th International Exhibition will travel to different cities after its stay in Padua.

The new edition of our exhibition sees the kitchen table as a place and an occasion for us to relate with other people, thus going beyond the mere act of eating.

The table is the ideal image that puts together different cultures and mixes their elements, uncovering people’s different stories.

Around the table, tales are unravelled and memories become stories.

What we ask our illustrators is to look back on the tales you know, on the experiences you have witnessed or lived, on your memories and dreams, on the imagery of all time.

Apart from all the well-known traditional tales, there must be many more stories waiting to be told!



And these are my selected illustrations. : )

จับภาพหน้าจอ 2558-11-11 เวลา 14.30.31
Kids went to school with their well-prepared food. There were a lot of lunchboxes on the table.


จับภาพหน้าจอ 2558-11-11 เวลา 14.30.46
Kids and the villagers


จับภาพหน้าจอ 2558-11-11 เวลา 14.31.04
Everyone carried the lunch boxes to the temple.


These works are from my picture book named Community Lunchbox which was written by Onjira Jirawatkul. The Italian website www.difesapopolo.it mentioned me and my illustrations as:

“Yodchat Bupsairi, da un’altra parte del mondo, mostra i bambini di Nakornphanom, una piccola provincia a nord della Thailandia, in tenti a preparano il cibo per festeggiare in un tempio buddista.”

จับภาพหน้าจอ 2559-03-01 เวลา 10.26.12

จับภาพหน้าจอ 2559-03-01 เวลา 10.19.29

I am not sure about the translation from google translate, but it said(mostly correct): “Yodchat Bupsairi, from another part of the world, shows children in Nakorn Phanom (a small province in the North East of Thailand) in attempting to prepare the food to celebrate in a Buddhist temple.” 

Nakornphanom is my hometown. It is quite small and charming province alongside Mekhong River. When I started to illustrate this picture book, I found Nakorn Phanom was the perfect reference place for the stories. Here are some scenes from the temple:






Sharing a table means giving and receiving hospitality, creating new bonds and caring for them. Our hosts open their hearts and give, share and receive. They listen to and look after their guests.

In many traditions, sharing food and eating from the same plate establish an intimate relationship which is based on respect and creates a bond of brotherhood.



Around 9.00 a.m., people will bring their own food and flowers to the temple. Many baskets and lunchboxes (“Pin-to” in Thai language) are usually used for collecting the food. In the 5th photo, many round bamboo containers were prepared for holding cooked glutinous rice. Around 11.00 – 12.00 a.m.(after Buddhist chant ceremony), people will offer the food and the flowers to the monks, then they will have their own lunch. : )


While I was waiting for the exhibition catalogue, I browsed some website and found the wonderful illustrations from the other artist. Here are the links:





The exhibition will take place until 26 June 2016. 

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